Times are a-changing

For decades the wedding photographer has been a staple part of a wedding day, equally as much as the dress or the cake. Wedding photography has evolved over the years from a stiff, organised and somewhat limited shoot based around the ceremony and group shots directly afterwards, to a day long documentary style coverage pushing artistic boundaries from the mornings preparation right up to the first dance and beyond. The introduction of digital cameras, the ability to instantly see your shot and not be restricted to a limited number of photos based on the film in your camera and the physical cost of each shot has revolutionised the photography industry.

The wedding video was not such a regular feature at the majority weddings for a long time, considered a cheesy, low quality, expensive and intrusive add-on of the 80s, due to the bulky and heavy consumer level cameras that were gaining popularity, often operated by a family member on poor quality film. The images were grainy and shaky and the early wedding videographer became synonymous with low quality, and interference in the days activities. The video camera’s limited capabilities also left a lot of moments un-captured, and consequently the elimination of film has opened up a realm of possibilities for videographers.

Today it is easy to hire a videographer who will provide high quality films with a cinematic feel from HD to 4K  thanks to the introduction of DSLRs with video recording capabilities and the ability to edit them on professional software. This has been a game changer in the video industry and images that were previously captured onto film or cassette tapes are now recorded on digital sensors. Today’s weddings are a vast cry from the that of Uncle Tom’s best efforts in 1983!

Wedding videography has gone through some drastic changes in the last few years, and wedding films have become works of art thanks to better technology such as large camera sensors, image stabilisers and drones, and new resources for editing and adding beautiful music as well as being able to share the films instantly online, gaining a new found reputation and adding a whole new element of value to a wedding day, for the couple that want to capture all of the emotions of their big day.

Your wedding day is one of the most important and planned days of your life, and you will only get one chance to capture it. All your plans that have taken many months to put together will unfold in front of you, somethings may get forgotten on the day, some things may even go wrong, but these are all the little things that make your day what it is.

You may be thinking that having photos will be enough for you, but so many couples state after the day that one of their biggest regrets is not having a videographer.

We didn’t have a videographer (I wish it had been in the budget), but we planned to have my husband’s cousin record the ceremony and were hoping to have several people record the reception (but didn’t plan who) to get a lot of fun perspectives. Well, that didn’t happen. We missed the speeches, first dances, and the party. I wish we had video of that!”

We hands down would have booked a videographer! While our memories of it all are amazing, we wish we had it documented in that way as well. Yes, you have a professional photographer, but there are some special movements that even they can’t always capture.

According to the Huffington Post, not having a videographer is a wedding day regret 98% of brides have. If you can swing it, leave room in your budget for this.

So which do you choose? Photographs are displayed prominently throughout your home. They are pieces of art that your ancestors will look at. These photographs can be some of the only things that your great great great grandchildren will know of you. A video of your wedding is more of an experience. You hear the song you played at your first dance, the words that your dad said for his toast. Wedding videography quite literally brings people to tears in the best way possible. This is a way to re-live your wedding day and to remember the people involved.

You may think that having a photographer and videographer is beyond your budget, but what is the point of a carefully planned budget stretching into the thousands if you can’t remember the words, sounds and tears of the day?

If you want to discuss the idea of having your big day on film then get in touch today.

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